Alex Rossman

Alex Rossman

Alex Rossman is external affairs director for the Michigan League for Public Policy. Alex previously worked for Democratic Central Staff for the Michigan Senate for almost 10 years, serving as the deputy communications director and, previously, as press secretary and communications advisor.


Alex Rossman: On Labor Day, big wins for workers, new hopes and unfinished business

By: - September 5, 2022

For Michigan workers and those who advocate on their behalf, there’s a lot to be happy about this Labor Day (and it’s not just because it happens to be my birthday this year).  The state has continued to make important investments in a variety of programs and services to help workers. A longstanding fight for […]


Column: Better housing options are on the horizon with Building Mich. Together Plan

By: - April 12, 2022

As an organization committed to improving economic security, racial equity and health and well-being for all Michiganders, the Michigan League for Public Policy has been working for years to expand access to safe, affordable housing for all residents.  Michigan residents’ housing needs — and our related policy advocacy — have been even more important during […]


Alex Rossman: A personal perspective for policy action on youth justice

By: - October 25, 2021

I had my first formal interaction with the police when I was 14 and got caught for a particularly extensive and expensive act of vandalism. The incident was thankfully settled out of court, and while I was ordered to pay restitution, I was able to stay out of the juvenile justice system.  At the time, […]


Column: ‘Build Back Better’ federal budget charts course toward stronger, more equitable future

By: - August 13, 2021

After debate and discussion that went until 4 a.m. on Wednesday morning, the U.S. Senate has voted to advance a budget resolution that lays the groundwork for Congress to craft and enact a slate of President Joe Biden’s proposed investments known as the “Build Back Better” plan. The Michigan League for Public Policy and our […]


Column: Here’s what lawmakers have done — and must keep doing — to help people amid the pandemic

By: - March 12, 2021

On March 13, 2020, almost one year ago today, I wrote a column for the Michigan Advance outlining some public policy solutions to reduce COVID-19’s impact on workers and families with lower incomes. A year later, I thought I’d take a look at how well policymakers have responded to the pandemic-related needs of Michigan families. […]

Hyacinthe and Rossman: A homecoming without the home: How the GI Bill left out a million Black veterans

By: and - November 25, 2020

Last Wednesday was Veterans Day. And while it is an important day to honor our veterans past and present, it is also an opportunity to look at what we can and should be doing better for our veterans. When it comes to supporting our servicemen and women, our state and federal policies have too often […]


Alex Rossman: How baby steps can lead to great strides on racial equity

By: - October 12, 2020

Last week, the Michigan League for Public Policy held our annual policy forum, going entirely virtual for the first time. This year’s topic was “White Laws, Black Lives and the Need to See Color,” and featured a keynote address from Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist and a panel discussion with Rep. Sarah Anthony (D-Lansing), Angela Waters […]


Alex Rossman: It’s been a winning week for criminal justice reform

By: - September 25, 2020

Last fall, I wrote a column about the mixed emotions of being a Detroit Lions fan and a criminal justice reform advocate. A lot — I mean, a lot —has changed since then, but two things have not: The Detroit Lions are still losing and criminal justice is still winning.  Getting Michigan to raise the […]


Column: COVID-19 stimulus shows needs of Michiganders, nation can transcend party politics

By: - March 29, 2020

A lot has changed in the last two weeks. I recently wrote about the COVID-19 crisis that had just landed in Michigan, and now we have the fourth-highest number of cases in the nation.  More than 100 Michiganders and counting have sadly lost their lives. Workers have been laid off. Many businesses have temporarily closed. […]


Column: Here’s what lawmakers must do to help people amid the coronavirus pandemic

By: - March 13, 2020

Now that it has officially landed in Michigan, COVID-19 is a potential threat to all residents.  Unfortunately, both the risks of the disease itself and its economic repercussions will adversely affect Michigan residents with lower incomes — the very people my colleagues and I at the nonpartisan Michigan League for Public Policy (MLPP) are charged […]


Alex Rossman: CREC yourself before you wreck yourself: A revenue estimating conference playlist.

By: - January 10, 2020

I have been making bad puns and dad jokes well before actually becoming a dad, and I’m particularly into reworking songs to fit my circumstances and situations.  And for the roughly 14 years I’ve known about “CREC,” I’ve tried to make “CREC yourself before you wreck yourself” a thing. But with the January CREC slated […]


Alex Rossman: Raise the Age is a criminal justice reform win for the ages

By: - November 1, 2019

As a progressive and a Detroit Lions fan, winning is a pretty foreign feeling for me. Even when it does happen, like it did this month with the long-awaited passage of the Raise the Age juvenile justice reform, it’s pretty surreal.  Winning is also a little unsettling, as I assume something will go awry at […]