Daniel Newhauser

Daniel Newhauser

Daniel Newhauser is a freelance reporter for the Michigan Advance Washington bureau.

Tlaib signs onto resolution to expel fellow Rep. Greene

By: and - March 20, 2021

WASHINGTON — Dozens of U.S. House Democrats, including U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Detroit) backed a resolution filed Friday to expel U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) from Congress, an extraordinary measure that’s only been successfully employed twice since the Civil War. In her short time in office, Greene has made headlines for holding up House […]

Upton joins Dems in passing Dreamers bill

By: - March 19, 2021

Updated, 11:29 a.m., 3/19/21 WASHINGTON — The U.S. House took up two bills Thursday that would grant legal status to broad groups of immigrants living and working in the United States, including a pathway to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of undocumented people brought to the country as children. The measures mark the first step […]

New attempt in Congress to help Dreamers runs into familiar obstacles

By: - March 17, 2021

WASHINGTON — Legislation creating a path to citizenship for undocumented people brought to the U.S. as children continue to face a border crisis and old partisan objections, diminishing the chances it will become law despite full Democratic control of Congress and the White House. On Thursday, the U.S. House is poised to pass the American […]

Republican objects to ban on guns in House committee room

By: - February 19, 2021

WASHINGTON — A U.S. House of Representatives committee meeting devolved into taunts and lectures on Thursday when Republicans, including gun-loving U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, objected to a rule banning firearms from the hearing room. A meeting to organize the Natural Resources Committee and vote on its rules, generally a staid and dry procedural affair, went […]

Trump voters split from the GOP to launch wannabe ‘Patriot Parties’

By: - February 13, 2021

WASHINGTON — Former President Donald Trump may have stepped back for now from the idea of creating a new political party, but that hasn’t stopped diehard Trump fans disillusioned with the Republican Party from creating Patriot Parties of their own all across the country. Onetime Trump voters in Florida, Georgia, Colorado, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio […]

Democrats unveil resolution to impeach Trump, fearing self-pardon

By: and - January 8, 2021

WASHINGTON — Among the factors undergirding the new effort by House Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump again is a controversial legal theory that doing so could bar him from pardoning himself, according to those involved. The theory is among the many reasons — and there are many, as tempers still flare after an violent […]

Updated: Several Mich. Dems urge 2nd Trump impeachment following insurrection at U.S. Capitol

By: - January 6, 2021

Updated, 8:20 p.m., 1/6/21, 6:48 a.m., 1/7/21 WASHINGTON — Members of Congress and senators had not yet emerged from a Capitol lockdown caused by a mob of violent, rioting President Trump supporters before key Democrats began calling for impeaching the president and consequences for politicians who egged on the violence. Progressive members of the U.S. […]

Politicians quit Congress, but their ‘zombie’ campaigns stagger on with millions in the bank

By: - December 22, 2020

WASHINGTON — Republican Michele Bachmann hasn’t set foot in the U.S. Capitol as an elected member of Congress from Minnesota for at least six years. Though she recently made news for asking God to help reelect President Donald Trump and telling a television show that “transgender Black Marxists” are trying to overthrow the country, none […]

How state political parties helped big money pay for this year’s elections

By: - December 1, 2020

WASHINGTON — State parties played an unprecedented role in financing the presidential election this year, making it possible for the national political parties to raise eye-popping sums from individual donors — and keep more money than they might otherwise be allowed. That’s all thanks to a 2014 U.S. Supreme Court decision that eliminated the overall […]

New: John James establishes joint legal fund with RNC

By: - November 10, 2020

WASHINGTON — Losing U.S. Senate candidate John James created a new joint legal fund with the Republican National Committee on Monday, the latest sign that challenges to the election will be a wholesale GOP strategy, rather than the whims of a president who won’t accept he lost. James, a Farmington Hills Republican who has now […]