Julie Cassidy

Julie Cassidy

Julie Cassidy is the Michigan League for Public Policy's senior policy analyst. Before that, she spent 14 years working as a legislative analyst for the nonpartisan Senate Fiscal Agency, where she specialized in health, energy and environmental issues.


Column: SNAP update will help fight hunger, especially in northern Michigan

By: - August 27, 2021

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) keeps 270,000 Michiganders, more than 40%of them children, out of poverty every year and helps ensure that families have enough to eat.  SNAP’s positive impact has been limited, however, by an outdated basis for calculating benefits. President Joe Biden’s administration recently announced steps to modernize the program and increase […]


Column: Michiganders need rent relief now

By: - September 11, 2020

It’s been six months since COVID-19 emerged in Michigan, and to say that a lot has happened since then would be an understatement.  More than 105,000 Michiganders have been diagnosed with coronavirus and more than 6,500 have lost their lives. Mass business closures and layoffs have affected every county in the state, making it even […]


Column: We’re all facing the threat of COVID-19, but we’re not all in the same boat

By: - May 8, 2020

A local Meals on Wheels program receiving 75 new requests for home-delivered meals every day. Suddenly unemployed workers hounded for repayment on payday loans. Local food banks scrambling to meet unprecedented need in their communities. A restaurant server scammed out of a rental deposit check by someone posing as an out-of-state landlord. Domestic violence survivors […]

President Donald Trump

Column: When it comes to federal regulations, your 2¢ are priceless

By: - January 27, 2020

Over the last three years, President Donald Trump’s administration has proposed a spate of harmful administrative rules in furtherance of his cruel agenda. As he faces reelection in November, we can expect the hits to keep coming.  Since these changes are being done administratively and without input or approval needed from Congress, the only real […]


Julie Cassidy: We must build the will to end homelessness in Michigan

By: - January 2, 2020

The most recent Ending Homelessness in Michigan annual report is out, and we cannot ignore the numbers as the state grapples with a housing affordability crisis. As we work to create an economy that ensures everyone has the safe home that we all need to thrive, we must learn from our successes in reducing homelessness […]


Julie Cassidy: New HUD rule would make it easier to discriminate in housing 

By: - September 20, 2019

At a recent staff training on racial equity here at the Michigan League for Public Policy, we considered a question: If you threw a Frisbee and accidentally hit someone in the head, would your lack of ill intent absolve you of responsibility? Or would you recognize the impact of your action, though inadvertent, and apologize?  […]


Julie Cassidy: We must stand against Trump’s anti-family, pro-homelessness agenda

By: - June 5, 2019

President Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to make America great. But more than halfway through his first term, his preferred policies have done little but demonstrate the disdain he holds for large swaths of our country’s population. A recent proposal by his Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to change the rules for […]


Julie Cassidy: Too many Detroiters still struggle, despite city’s progress

By: - May 23, 2019

Ten years after the official end of the Great Recession, many Michigan families are still struggling as rising housing prices outpace post-recession income growth. For people of color, however, the housing crisis isn’t just a recent problem. The newest issue of the Michigan League for Public Policy’s Home, Health, Hope series examines Detroit as an […]