Marty Schladen

Marty Schladen

Marty Schladen has been a reporter for decades, working in Indiana, Texas and other places before returning to his native Ohio to work at The Columbus Dispatch in 2017 and coming to the Ohio Capital Journal in 2020. He's won state and national journalism awards for investigations into utility regulation, public corruption, the environment, prescription drug spending and other matters.

Feds expand probe into new layer of drug middlemen

By: - June 30, 2023

The Federal Trade Commission this month announced that it was expanding its probe into drug middlemen — companies accused of increasing the cost of prescription drugs through secretive, one-sided arrangements with drugmakers and pharmacies. Specifically, it added a third company created by one of the biggest middlemen to its investigation. The commission, which polices anti-competitive […]

No, undocumented immigrants don’t commit more crime. Research shows they commit a lot less.

By: - August 6, 2021

It’s an article of faith in some corners of politics and the media: All those undocumented immigrants crossing the southern border are making crime much worse in the United States. But new research gives the lie to that assertion. And, some border officials say, continuing to promote it will only lead to another racist massacre […]

U.S. Supreme Court rules against pharmacy middlemen

By: - December 10, 2020

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday ruled 8-0 that states have broad powers to regulate powerful pharmacy middlemen without being preempted by federal law. The case was brought by the $400-billion-a-year industry, known as “pharmacy benefit managers,” against the state of Arkansas over a 2015 law that set a minimum, market-based rate the middlemen had […]

Supreme Court hears arguments over states’ ability to regulate drug costs

By: - October 12, 2020

How much leeway states have to control drug middlemen was at the heart of arguments last week before the U.S. Supreme Court.  The case, Rutledge v Pharmaceutical Care Management Association, pits 47 state attorneys general, including Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, and the U.S. Solicitor General against an industry group representing three of the 20 largest […]

‘14,000 attempts’: Balky technology, expiring benefits worry workers, state leaders

By: - July 31, 2020

Democrats and Republicans in Congress are continuing to squabble over whether to extend a federal supplement to unemployment insurance and if they do, by how much. But as they argue over whether to continue the supplement at $600 a week or some fraction of that, out-of-work Americans are left to worry whether they can survive […]