Megan Henry

Megan Henry

Megan Henry is a reporter for the Ohio Capital Journal and has spent the past five years reporting in Ohio on various topics including education, healthcare, business and crime. She previously worked at The Columbus Dispatch, part of the USA Today Network.

Ohioans vote to legalize recreational marijuana by passing Issue 2 law

By: - November 8, 2023

Recreational marijuana will soon be legal in Ohio after voters passed Issue 2 on Tuesday. The Associated Press called the election on Issue 2 shortly after 9:30 p.m. With nearly 99% of precincts reporting early Wednesday, the proposed law was passing with 56.79% of the vote, or 2.144 million voters out of nearly 3.8 million […]

Workers at Stellantis Jeep plant in Toledo part of the ongoing United Auto Workers strike

By: - September 20, 2023

Thousands of workers at the Stellantis Jeep plant in Toledo are striking as part of the ongoing United Auto Workers (UAW) strike. The strike started Thursday at midnight after contract negotiations failed with the “Detroit Three” auto manufacturers: Ford, General Motors and Stellantis. The Toledo Assembly Complex makes the Jeep Gladiator and Jeep Wrangler, and […]

Ohio’s Issue 1 goes down to defeat

By: and - August 9, 2023

The Republican-led effort to make amending Ohio’s constitution more difficult has failed. As of 11:45 p.m., unofficial results for the Aug. 8 special election show voters rejected Issue 1 57% to 43%. The Associated Press called the race at 9 p.m. While precincts were still reporting late into the night and absentee ballots will continue […]