Simon Marshall-Shah

Simon Marshall-Shah

Simon Marshall-Shah is a state policy fellow at the Michigan League for Public Policy. He previously worked in Washington, D.C,. at the Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP), providing federal policy and advocacy support to nonprofit, Medicaid health plans (Safety Net Health Plans) related to the ACA Marketplaces.


Column: What the new public charge rule means for millions of immigrants

By: - October 6, 2022

When I joined the Michigan League for Public Policy three years ago, one of the first topics I dove into was the “public charge” regulation and the work of the Protecting Immigrant Families – Michigan (PIF-MI) campaign.  A few weeks before my start date, the Trump administration published its final rule on public charge on […]


Column: We need to advocate for immigrant-inclusive policies that have a year-round impact

By: - June 30, 2022

June is Immigrant Heritage Month, which recognizes the experiences, achievements, and contributions — economic and cultural — of immigrants across the country.  Our state’s immigrant communities are full of nearly 700,000 Michiganders who moved to a new country with courage and resolve, work hard for their families and help make Michigan a place we all […]


Column: Here’s a proven, immigrant-inclusive policy so more kids have health insurance

By: - December 7, 2021

Michigan continues to be a national leader in the percentage of kids with health insurance.  The most recent Kids Count data found that 97% of kids are insured in the state compared to 94% nationally. This is due in large part to policy decisions that expand eligibility and improve health care access and affordability, especially […]


Column: Here’s what we can do to support Michigan immigrants and benefit all counties

By: - April 26, 2021

Despite rhetoric that attempts to divide us, no matter where we were born, what our color, or how we worship, most of us work hard for our families. It also shouldn’t matter how we got here, as many people with the courage and tenacity to move to a new country, in many cases to make […]


Column: We must protect immigrant families in Biden’s 1st 100 days and beyond

By: - January 1, 2021

Although we all are probably sick of Zoom, it’s worth noting how virtual platforms have made “getting together” over the course of a pandemic as easy as clicking a link. Of course, it is still difficult and strange to not be able to see colleagues in person, or to have kids, pets, roommates and partners […]


Column: Undocumented residents shouldn’t be left out of Michigan tax policy

By: - July 17, 2020

Tax returns were due this week after being postponed four months. But while we all have to pay the “taxman,” I want to talk about some taxpayers that many people don’t know about.  Undocumented residents make significant tax contributions (including to our country’s entitlement funds like Social Security and Medicare), and many of them use […]


Column: How Medicaid changes can us get through COVID-19, fiscal crises

By: - May 21, 2020

In our high school social studies classes, one core topic is federalism — the shared authority between states and the federal government.  This relationship has implications for state-level public policy any day of the week, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been on full display as the patchwork of stay-home orders and administrative regulations […]


Column: Driver licenses for all: An inclusive policy to drive Michigan forward

By: - December 20, 2019

We know how much the roads matter in Michigan. But how often do we think about sidewalks? It may seem out of place to be talking about sidewalks in a column about driver licenses, the drivers who have them, our cars and our roads. But one particular component of a sidewalk (or should I say, […]


Column: Trump admin issues new crackdown on immigrants with health insurance mandate 

By: - October 20, 2019

On Oct. 4, the President Trump administration issued a proclamation targeting the health insurance market and legal immigration into the United States. The impact of this action on all health care consumers – immigrants and citizens alike — could be far-reaching. The recent executive action by the administration leverages the same authority the president used […]