Election 2020

Cheney calls on citizens and politicians to defend Constitution, speaks out against China 

BY: - June 1, 2023

Former U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) spoke out Thursday on caps on defense spending, the Chinese government, the debt ceiling and defending the Constitution from election deniers.  Cheney, who lost her U.S. House seat last year to a former President Trump-backed GOP challenger, now-Rep. Harriet Hageman, joined WDIV-TV anchor Devin Scillian at the annual Mackinac […]


Column: Here’s how reporters should cover Trump’s campaign

BY: - May 9, 2023

On the evening of Jan. 6, 2021, CNN personalities tried to interpret for viewers across the world what had transpired that day in the nation’s capital. “I would just like to remind our viewers that President Trump now for years has referred to journalists as the enemy of the American people,” anchor Jake Tapper said, […]

Michigan GOP’s Holocaust post shows growing far-right extremism in the party, experts say

BY: - March 26, 2023

There is a phrase that political experts, Jewish leaders and elected officials repeatedly used when responding to Michigan GOP Chair Kristina Karamo’s vehement defense of the party’s social media posts linking the Holocaust to gun reform bills introduced in the wake of the Michigan State University mass shooting: “I am not surprised.” Disgusted, yes. Outraged, […]

Democracy expert cites concerns after election denier tapped for House GOP campaign panel

BY: - March 1, 2023

A state GOP legislator who attended the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection and pushes the lie that the 2020 election was stolen is now helping lead the Michigan House Republicans’ campaign committee, raising concerns from a democracy expert who called the appointment “a warning bell” for Michigan voters. State Rep. Angela Rigas (R-Caledonia) is one of […]

Election deniers who lost secretary of state races now run several state GOP operations

BY: - February 27, 2023

Many of the election deniers who ran last year for positions that would have given them control over state elections systems lost their races. But several have found a new path to exert influence: as chair of their state Republican Party. Last week, Kristina Karamo, an activist who rose to prominence for her efforts to […]

Karamo beats DePerno in Michigan GOP chair race, moving the party further right

BY: - February 19, 2023

She lost her 2022 race for Michigan Secretary of State by double digits, falsely asserted that the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection was a false flag operation and has connected Satan to everything from yoga to Beyoncé to churches that hang rainbow flags.  And now she’s the leader of the Michigan Republican Party. Delegates at the […]

Benson, Dem lawmakers announce plans to protect election officials in wake of threats

BY: - January 18, 2023

After threats against election workers have soared in the wake of a right-wing campaign to push lies about the 2020 election, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and Democratic lawmakers announced Tuesday plans to protect election officials and crack down on those intentionally sharing misinformation about elections and voting. “As Michigan’s chief election officer, my […]

New GOP House members complain about committee assignments

BY: - January 14, 2023

Updated, 10:32 a.m., 1/14/23, 6:32 a.m., 1/15/23 Several Republican legislators are protesting their committee assignments in the Michigan House as they continue to adjust to the fact that the GOP is now in the minority. Democrats are in control of the House for the first time since 2010 and have taken charge of the Senate […]

Three Michigan 2020 presidential electors file suit against 16 GOP fake electors

BY: - January 13, 2023

A lawsuit filed in Kent County Circuit Court Wednesday seeks damages against 16 Michigan Republicans who submitted fraudulent electoral certificates that falsely claimed former President Donald Trump won the state in 2020. Democratic President Joe Biden defeated Trump by more than 154,000 votes to win all 16 of Michigan’s electoral votes. That was a far […]

State begins more than 200 routine audits of Nov. 8 election

BY: - January 12, 2023

The Michigan Bureau of Elections and local election clerks on Thursday started conducting more than 200 public audits of the Nov. 8, 2022, election.  “The professional, transparent auditing of our election procedures at the state and local level affirms the accuracy and integrity of our elections, identifies best practices, and ensures continuous improvement of our […]

Nessel to reopen investigation into fake electors scheme

BY: - January 6, 2023

The release of the final report by the Jan. 6, 2021 committee, and the transcripts of witnesses who testified in front of the panel, has prompted Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel to reopen an investigation into a scheme to try and use false electors to subvert the results of the 2020 presidential election. Nessel made […]

‘A dark day for our country’: How the Jan. 6 insurrection has changed Michigan politics

BY: - January 6, 2023

It has now been two years since baseless claims of election fraud incited an armed, far-right extremist mob to storm the U.S. Capitol, breaking into congressional chambers and ransacking offices in the name of keeping former President Donald Trump in office. The events of Jan. 6, 2021, came as a violent result of pro-Trump election […]