Column: The killing of Patrick Lyoya shows our approach to public safety is broken

BY: and - April 22, 2022

Patrick Lyoya, a 26-year-old Congolese father of two, was shot and killed by a Grand Rapids police officer on April 4 following a traffic stop because his license plate did not register as belonging to the vehicle he was driving.  Lyoya is now one more hashtag on Twitter and one more statistic showing the sixth […]

Rick Haglund: Whitmer has a strong economy on her side as she seeks reelection

BY: - April 20, 2022

Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer faces reelection this year during an extraordinary mix of economic, political and social conditions unlike anything most voters have seen in their lifetimes. The environment enveloping the governor’s race has it all: a booming economy, surging inflation, a brutal invasion of Ukraine by Russia that threatens to become World War III, […]

Susan J. Demas: Nothing radical about Whitmer fighting the GOP’s anti-abortion extremism

BY: - April 19, 2022

Ten years ago, I was having a beer with a Michigan GOP consultant who informed me that liberals should stop all the fear-mongering because Republicans would never be dumb enough to outlaw abortion. “If they did that, they’d lose the next election by 20 points,” he declared. It was a simpler time during the 2012 […]

Column: Our tax dollars are what make Michigan communities great

BY: - April 18, 2022

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t enjoy (and often put off) filing my income tax returns every year. I dream of a day when we will join the 36 countries which already use return-free filing. Yet despite my procrastination, I am happy to know that I’m doing my part to support our federal, […]

David Hecker: We must fight back against the DeVos education agenda

BY: - April 13, 2022

Michiganders have known for a long time that the DeVos family is a threat to public education.  Over the years, Betsy DeVos has been extremely active in the conservative movement to undermine public education and funnel taxpayer dollars into non-public schools, including her track record as former President Trump’s secretary of Education advancing this reckless […]

Column: Better housing options are on the horizon with Building Mich. Together Plan

BY: - April 12, 2022

As an organization committed to improving economic security, racial equity and health and well-being for all Michiganders, the Michigan League for Public Policy has been working for years to expand access to safe, affordable housing for all residents.  Michigan residents’ housing needs — and our related policy advocacy — have been even more important during […]

Susan J. Demas: Republicans said KBJ was soft on pedophiles. But they have a Michigan problem.

BY: - April 11, 2022

If you sat through the excruciating Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson, it was clear just how exceptional the first Black female justice in history had to be just to get there. Just compare Jackson’s composure and legal analysis in hearings to Brett Kavanagh, who was credibly accused of sexual assault (which naturally […]

Column: Why the Enbridge Line 5 tunnel is a pipe bomb at the Straits  

BY: - April 8, 2022

The sordid details of Enbridge’s Line 5 in Michigan reveal at least 33 spills, along with at least 3 anchor/cable strikes that had the potential to cause a massive oil spill. We’ve been lucky. Incredibly lucky. But our luck will run out. Enbridge proposes to build a tunnel for Line 5. They assure us — […]


Susan J. Demas: How many LGBTQ+ kids’ lives are worth Republicans winning the 2022 election?

BY: - April 4, 2022

On June 26, 2015, my family watched the U.S. Supreme Court hand down the Obergefell v. Hodges decision legalizing same-sex marriage, and I may have cried. Neither of my kids were out at the time and didn’t think it was a particularly big deal — why wouldn’t you be allowed to marry who you love? […]

Rick Haglund: Changing parents’ attitudes about the value of college is key for the economy

BY: - April 1, 2022

Central Michigan University has long been known for giving low-income, middle-class and first-generation college students the opportunity to earn a four-year degree and lead a fruitful life. But the Mt. Pleasant university, like many other higher-education institutions across the country, is facing hard times. CMU’s enrollment has fallen a stunning 43% over the past decade, […]

Column: Safe, accessible and affordable housing is not a ‘special’ need

BY: - March 29, 2022

A significant challenge in social justice work is apathy from people who don’t see how they will personally benefit from the policies we promote. It can be easy for people who haven’t been directly harmed by existing policies to shrug off the resulting inequities. It can be hard for them to understand why their tax […]

Susan J. Demas: Oh, noes. The Michigan GOP tax cut you’d never have noticed just died.

BY: - March 28, 2022

If you make more than $539,000 a year, well, first of all, congratulations. You can live quite well on that in a state like Michigan (USA Today recently ranked us third-best for affordability in the country). You also just missed out on an election-year GOP state tax cut averaging $4,900, which Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer […]