Cox taps union activist Bowman for GOP co-chair

BY: - January 8, 2019

Laura Cox, the leading candidate to be the next Michigan Republican Party chair, has tapped Terry Bowman to be her co-chair, according to an email blast sent out to supporters on Tuesday morning. Chair Ron Weiser, a former ambassador and current University of Michigan regent, announced he is not seeking re-election this year. GOP activist […]

AG backs case against Trump contraception rules

BY: - January 8, 2019

Attorney General Dana Nessel is joining Massachusetts and other states in fighting rules issued under President Donald Trump’s administration meant to roll back Barack Obama-era mandates that had compelled insurance companies to cover the cost of contraception. The new Trump rules offer more leeway to companies and nonprofits wishing to deny birth control coverage to […]

GOP Senate brings back oversight of Dem gov’s appointments

BY: - January 8, 2019

In one of the first signs of a return to divided government in Michigan, the state’s GOP-controlled Senate will once again begin formally vetting appointments by Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. The function, known as advice and consent, is outlined as a key role of the upper chamber in the Michigan Constitution. The practice had largely […]

Whitmer signs directive barring LGBT discrimination

BY: - January 7, 2019

Jeynce Poindexter fought back tears this morning. The Equality Michigan transgender specialist and victim advocate witnessed Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer delivering on a campaign promise. She signed an executive directive designed to protect state employees from sexual orientation-related discrimination. “There are no protections for people like me,” Poindexter said. “If my manager or landlord does […]

Peters staffer becomes 3rd Black legislative director in U.S. Senate*

BY: - January 7, 2019

Updated, 4:30 p.m. U.S. Sen. Gary Peters (D-Bloomfield Twp.) has promoted Zephranie Buetow to a top policy position in his Capitol Hill office. Buetow has served as deputy legislative director and counsel for Peters. Prior to joining his staff in 2015, she worked for former U.S. Sen Mary Landrieu (D-La.). She becomes one of only […]

Trump torches Tlaib comments as ‘disgraceful,’ Ocasio-Cortez decries ‘faux outrage’

BY: - January 5, 2019

No one seems to be neutral when it comes to U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s fiery call to impeach President Donald Trump. Hours after being sworn in on Wednesday, the Detroit Democrat said of Trump at a event, “We’re gonna impeach the motherfucker!” After the remark went viral, the Republican president responded at a news conference […]

Nessel asks Wayne Co. prosecutor to take over Flint water case

BY: - January 4, 2019

Attorney General Dana Nessel announced Friday plans to replace the current prosecutor in charge of ongoing criminal lawsuits filed against high level state officials in the office’s Flint water crisis case. Nessel’s office said she will replace Flint Special Prosecutor Todd Flood with Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, who was a member of Nessel’s transition […]

Whitmer declines to comment on Tlaib’s impeachment call

BY: - January 4, 2019

During a press conference today, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer declined to weigh in how an explicit comment U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Detroit) made toward the president might impact already strained relations between Democrats and Republicans. “We’re gonna impeach the motherfucker,” Tlaib said of President Trump after being sworn in as a congresswoman on Thursday. When asked […]

Nessel calls Schuette ‘very gracious’ in AG transition

BY: - January 4, 2019

Dana Nessel, Michigan’s first Democratic attorney general in 16 years, had kind words about her Republican predecessor. Nessel told the Michigan Advance in an exclusive interview on Thursday that Bill Schuette was “very gracious” and left her a note — written with “exquisite penmanship” — in which he “offered to assist me in anything that […]

Whitmer directs state to find more contracts from low-income areas

BY: - January 4, 2019

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced a new directive Friday meant to encourage the state to award more contracts to businesses from communities under economic stress. In her fourth day as governor, Whitmer signed an executive directive instructing the state department responsible for selecting contractors that work with Michigan to “identify and reduce barriers for geographically disadvantaged […]

Tlaib declares Dems will impeach Trump

BY: - January 4, 2019

Updated, 11:20 a.m.  Hours after she was sworn in on Capitol Hill, U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Detroit) wasted no time in voicing her intention regarding President Donald Trump. The Democrat who hails from southwest Detroit during an event for the progressive group in Washington, D.C., reportedly declared: “We’re gonna impeach the motherfucker!” Raucous reception for […]

Barnes lands Nessel endorsement for Dem party chief

BY: - January 4, 2019

Attorney General Dana Nessel tells the Michigan Advance that she is backing Lavora Barnes for Michigan Democratic Party chair. Nessel joins Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in endorsing Barnes, a former President Clinton administration official who has served as the MDP’s chief operating officer since 2015. “I honestly feel as though I would not be sitting here […]