Updated: Michigan coronavirus cases up to 25, SOS stops walk-in appts. 

BY: , and - March 13, 2020

Updated, 9:06 p.m., 3/13/20 with nine new cases There are new cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by a new coronavirus, reported in Michigan as of Friday evening. That has brought the total of presumptive positive cases up to 25, according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).* Coronavirus information can be […]

Metro Detroit area rallies to address coronavirus 

BY: - March 13, 2020

Jeanette Guinyard, a Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) employee, said while she is happy to learn that she will be paid during the three-week, state-mandated closure of Michigan K-12 schools, she also is concerned that many seniors are susceptible to COVID-19.  “There are a lot of children who aren’t doing what they are supposed […]

New bills ban shackling pregnant people in prison

BY: - March 13, 2020

Updated, 6:52 a.m., 3/17/20, with comments from the Department of Corrrections Under newly introduced legislation, an employee of a correctional facility would not be permitted to restrain an incarcerated individual who is pregnant or is in postpartum unless a prison administrator and the treating medical care provider deems it “reasonably necessary” and safe.  State Sen. […]

AG William Barr

Settlement reached in T-Mobile/Sprint merger

BY: - March 13, 2020

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and a coalition of attorneys general reached a settlement to end their legal challenge of a T-Mobile and Sprint merger. The initial legal challenge, brought by multiple state attorneys general across the country, claimed the merger between the cell phone giants was unlawful. The coalition was concerned the merger would […]

Whitmer bans all gatherings of 250+ people to limit coronavirus spread 

BY: - March 13, 2020

Starting Friday evening, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is prohibiting all events and assemblages over 250 people until April 6 to limit the spread of COVID-19. Executive Order 2020-5 also closes all K-12 school buildings to students from Monday until April 5. Childcare facilities will remain open during the statewide shutdown, whether they are attached to schools […]

Report: SE Michigan govts. commit ‘highway robbery’ against Detroit drivers

BY: - March 13, 2020

Attorney Geoffrey Leonard recalls meeting with two African-American Detroit clients who had been ticketed for running through an Allen Park stop sign, which was obstructed by a tree. Same intersection. Different day. Different motorists.     “The cops clearly had a practice of waiting there to pull over drivers,” Leonard, a nonprofit Detroit Justice Center (DJC) staff […]

After 12th coronavirus case, Whitmer shuts down all Michigan K-12 schools

BY: - March 13, 2020

Starting Monday, no K-12 schools will be open in Michigan because of the spread of COVID-19, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced late Thursday night. As there are now 12 presumptive cases in Michigan, the governor called for the closure of all K-12 school buildings — public, private and boarding — to students from Monday until April […]

Coronavirus funding goes to Whitmer, Capitol closing Friday for tours, events

BY: - March 12, 2020

To combat the global pandemic of COVID-19, the state Senate Thursday approved $25 million of state funding and $50 million of federal funding to combat coronavirus.  It was part of a Fiscal Year 2020 supplemental spending bill, Senate Bill 151, which the House passed Tuesday.  SB 151 allows for $10 million to be spent on […]

GOP wants feds to reinstate Medicaid work rules, even as coronavirus hits Michigan

BY: - March 12, 2020

As Michigan prepares for and fights against the global pandemic of COVID-19, House Republicans on Thursday passed a resolution to ask the federal government to re-establish work requirements for Medicaid eligibility.  There’s particular concern about how lower-income people will cope with the pandemic, as they have fewer resources for medical care.  House Concurrent Resolution 17, […]

New: Line 5 tunnel contractors hired by Enbridge have troubling track records

BY: - March 12, 2020

Updated, 7:00 p.m., 3/12/20, with comment from Enbridge New information uncovered by the Michigan Advance about the companies hired by Enbridge to build the Line 5 tunnel project, which will encase the dual pipelines under the Straits of Mackinac, has raised alarm bells for Michigan’s attorney general and environmental groups around the state. There already […]

AG: Watch out for coronavirus-related price-gouging

BY: - March 12, 2020

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel wars residents to beware of businesses engaging in potential price-gouging in light of the state emergency declared Tuesday for coronavirus (COVID-19). Michigan residents are urged to report any violation of the Consumer Protection Act online or by calling 877-765-8388. The AG office is aware of businesses selling face masks, hand sanitizers […]

Here’s what you can do to stop the spread of coronavirus

BY: - March 12, 2020

Gov. Whitmer on Tuesday night declared a state of emergency in response to two confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Michigan. As a result, several Michigan universities are shifting to online-only classes, as are schools in other states. A growing number of public events have been rescheduled, and the National Basketball Association (NBA) has suspended […]