Rep. Mitchell: ‘Impeachment is not an alternative to elections’

BY: - September 30, 2019

Retiring U.S. Rep. Paul Mitchell (R-Dryden) still doesn’t back impeachment hearings. On Sunday, he posted on Facebook an editorial opposing the process against President Donald Trump from the conservative Pittsburgh Post-Gazette titled, “Trust the process; trust the people.”[0]=68.ARCP8uTSCLsxSxBtbchoiU_PMB6OHgFHRq2KTxcsJLXg4uN4OZxGzLy9hBMS6ePTlg0bGKbVbnKWTr9mM5JoJ-enIeIV4GnQBg3dZpDLiTUV6XOMewdMTKuk71mdBHzBPoxbiumdjUBUPRxnbh1nuYVeewthj_oYcrN7ZXpXVJczPVLZJz7W1Mu2pvjaLLN8blNlXeWyy7qPzTp7U-qs-JsC3Ao7BYvwYX_sUHT1sDfJnrGpJT3GWN2mwGwiqDhu91z0Urxan7SryvFMBkhV2-mKpYhRzuE4_d2TLyfALCpQnt84TlAturyu_vzJ4d_fzX_d2RHIadZWwCnNO389iPU&__tn__=-R The editorial doesn’t debate the merits of probing Trump for asking the Ukrainian government to investigate […]

Warren, Klobuchar on same page on unions, impeachment at Michigan UFCW forum

BY: - September 29, 2019

Democratic presidential candidates U.S. Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) touted unions as a key part of their strategy to win the White House and implement economic policies beneficial to working class people during a forum with the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) in Madison Heights. “We got lost in […]

Slotkin asked on CNN if she risked her political career over impeachment

BY: - September 29, 2019

U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-Holly) was on a CNN “State of the Union” panel Sunday morning and host Jake Tapper wanted to know if she had endangered her career by coming out in favor of an impeachment inquiry. Slotkin was one of seven freshmen Democrats with national security backgrounds to write a Washington Post op-ed […]

Detroit church visited by MLK, Malcolm X and Berry Gordy Jr. secures federal grant

BY: - September 29, 2019

A legendary Detroit church that hosted several historic events during the 1950s and 1960s has earned a National Park Service grant to assist in its upkeep. The $500,000 grant for Detroit’s King Solomon Church will help to provide roof replacement for the storied site located at 6100 14th Street on the city’s westside. The Michigan […]

Next up for Nessel: Taking on Trump over Endangered Species Act rollback

BY: - September 28, 2019

The President Trump administration’s rules weakening the 1973 Endangered Species Act — which was written by the late Michigan U.S. Rep. John Dingell — is being challenged by a coalition of state attorneys general, including Michigan. In August, the U.S. Interior and Commerce departments announced final rule changes, including mandating that regulators must look at […]

Judge says state can’t refuse to work with anti-LGBTQ adoption agencies

BY: - September 28, 2019

Religious-based adoption agencies can once again refuse services to same-sex couples and still receive state funding after a federal court ruling Thursday. District Judge Robert Jonker in Grand Rapids, who was appointed by President George W. Bush, ordered in Buck v. Gordon that child welfare agency St. Vincent Catholic Charities can’t be blocked from state […]

Upton, Amash again join Dems in vote against Trump border wall maneuver

BY: - September 28, 2019

The U.S. House on Friday again voted to stop President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration to secure funding for his border wall, following a vote Thursday in the U.S. Senate. The vote was 236-174 to end Trump’s emergency declaration at the border, with 11 Republicans crossing over. Trump is expected to veto the resolution, as he […]

State employees told there will be no government shutdown

BY: - September 27, 2019

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s administration has informed roughly 48,000 state employees that there will be no state government shutdown next week and all staff should report to work as planned.  Whitmer received all 16 Legislature-passed budgets earlier by Friday and will now work through the weekend to ensure the budgets are in place by Tuesday when […]

Update: State delays mosquito spraying due to weather

BY: - September 27, 2019

Updated, 4:24 a.m. 9/30/19 with the state canceling spraying due to weather. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) announced on Sunday that it would delay plans due to inclement weather to conduct aerial spraying in 14 counties across the state because of a mosquito-borne virus. Future plans will be announced Monday.* The […]

Judge strikes down key provisions of ballot petition law

BY: - September 27, 2019

Michigan Court of Claims Judge Cynthia Stephens has struck down key parts of a GOP law that put restrictions on citizen-led ballot initiatives.  Specifically, Stephens’ order in League of Women Voters of Michigan v. Jocelyn Benson on Friday struck a key part of the law passed last year that stipulates that no more than 15% […]

Enviro groups declare solidarity with UAW, telling GM: ‘We know you can do better’

BY: - September 27, 2019

Almost 50 environmental organizations signed a letter Friday addressed to the CEO of General Motors, declaring their support for the United Autoworkers (UAW) members who have been striking against GM since Sept. 16. The 46 environmental groups, composed of local and national organizations including Greenpeace USA, Sierra Club and Sunrise Movement, directly urge GM CEO […]

Tlaib feels a ‘sense of urgency’ on impeachment

BY: - September 27, 2019

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib is having a good week.  The freshman Detroit Democrat has been one of the most outspoken members of the U.S. House to call for President Donald Trump’s impeachment. This week, her push was validated as droves of other Democrats joined the push for an impeachment inquiry and U.S. House […]