U.S. House passes bill to end forced arbitration

BY: - September 20, 2019

WASHINGTON — The U.S. House on Friday passed legislation that would eliminate forced arbitration clauses in employment, consumer and civil rights cases. If enacted, the bill would empower more workers and consumers to challenge employers and corporations in court. Forced arbitration clauses — often found in the fine print of agreements — can bar employees […]

UAW reports progress, even after GM cut off health care for striking workers

BY: - September 20, 2019

Union officials with the United Auto Workers (UAW) say they’re making progress on contract talks as more than 40,000 General Motors workers wind down their first week of a national strike.  “I can report to you that as of today, some progress has been made, but there are still many of our Memberships’ issues that […]

Trump labor secretary pick Scalia questioned gay rights in 1985 article

BY: - September 19, 2019

WASHINGTON — When Eugene Scalia was a fourth-year English major at the University of Virginia in 1985, he penned an article for the student paper about gay rights.  In it, he referred to a lesbian couple that had visited the university, “the proud parents of a daughter fathered by a homosexual acquaintance.” He went on, […]

UAW strike against GM reaches Day 2 as Trump could side with union

BY: - September 17, 2019

Almost 48 hours after the UAW kicked off a strike against General Motors, other unions walked the picket line to support their union brothers and sisters.  On Tuesday, GM Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant union workers were joined on the picket line by the Detroit Federation of Teachers members.  “Companies like GM would not be the flagship […]

UAW wants GM jobs returned to Michigan from overseas, ready for long strike

BY: - September 16, 2019

Randy Freeman, president of United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 652 in Lansing, says the union is ready for a prolonged strike if necessary.  Freeman pointed to three issues that he says need to be addressed before the strike that began Monday morning can be resolved.  Long-term temporary workers need to be made permanent employees More […]

UAW set to go on strike Sunday night

BY: - September 15, 2019

Updated, 2:52 on 9/15/2019 to reflect that the UAW last went on a national strike in 2007 The United Auto Workers (UAW) will go on a national strike at midnight on Sunday, its first since 2007.* The Detroit-based auto workers union with about 400,000 members announced the strike on Sunday morning. In a statement, the […]

Ex-NYT labor reporter: Trump has ‘not made America great again’ for workers

BY: - September 9, 2019

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has “not made America great again for American workers,” a former longtime New York Times labor reporter told an audience here on Monday.  Steven Greenhouse, who covered the labor movement for the Times for almost two decades, recently released a book titled, “Beaten Down, Worked Up: The Past, Present, and […]


Brian Elder: On Labor Day, here’s why Michigan needs a working-class agenda

BY: - September 2, 2019

Organized labor didn’t just give rise to the auto industry; it gave birth to the American middle class.   These jobs set the standard around the country and allowed for the American dream to be made possible for all — regardless of their gender, race, religion or class. And because of that, there is no group […]


Column: Worker-protection laws aren’t ready for an automated future

BY: - September 2, 2019

Science fiction has long imagined a future in which humans constantly interact with robots and intelligent machines. This future is already happening in warehouses and manufacturing businesses. Other workers use virtual or augmented reality as part of their employment training, to assist them in performing their job or to interact with clients. And lots of […]

Oxfam report: Michigan lands in the bottom half of states for workers

BY: - September 1, 2019

Michigan is known the world over as the birthplace of the United Auto Workers and has long been synonymous with organized labor. But after decades of GOP-led attacks on labor rights — most notably the 2012 Right to Work law — Michigan now belongs to the bottom half of states for workers, according to a […]

Dingell hits Trump on trade on Fox News, so he obviously responds

BY: - September 1, 2019

U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Dearborn) has long been critical of the impacts of China and U.S. trade policy on workers — and she said this weekend that President Donald Trump’s “chaotic” strategy isn’t helping. “The problem is that the president’s trade strategy is chaotic. It’s more for headlines than for a strategic steady trade strategy,” […]

AG announces 13 payroll fraud felonies

BY: - August 29, 2019

As Michigan Democrats continue taking aim at the issue of payroll fraud, Attorney General Dana Nessel announced Wednesday that her office charged 13 felonies as part of its clampdown on the issue.  The attorney general’s office said it charged Lansing small business owner Camron Gnass with multiple counts of larceny, conducting a criminal enterprise and […]