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Column: I’ve worked at McDonald’s for 11 years. We deserve better working conditions.

BY: - September 14, 2021

In Detroit, the average temperature last month was 80 degrees. Now add the heat radiating from a hot stove, humidity, wearing a face mask for safety during the pandemic and physical exertion. It feels like I’m in an oven at the Detroit McDonald’s where I work.  I have worked at as a crew member for […]

Anti-poverty advocates urge Congress to act on voting rights, minimum wage, filibuster

BY: - July 13, 2021

WASHINGTON — The Poor People’s Campaign announced on Monday the beginning of a weeks-long push calling on Congress to end the Senate filibuster and pass voting rights legislation. The anti-poverty campaign, “A Season of Nonviolent Moral Direct Action,” will run each Monday until Aug. 2. Advocates are urging Congress to enact the sweeping “For the People […]

Dana Nessel

Nessel says she isn’t the proper defendant for minimum wage, paid sick leave lawsuit

BY: - June 8, 2021

Updated, 9:05 p.m., 6/8/21 with additional comments Attorney General Dana Nessel filed a motion Monday in response to a lawsuit that aims for an increase in the state’s minimum wage and appropriate paid sick time, arguing that she isn’t the right defendant for the suit. The lawsuit, Mothering Justice, et al v Nessel, challenges the […]

Biden to order $15-an-hour minimum wage for federal contract workers

BY: - April 27, 2021

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden plans to sign an executive order Tuesday to raise the minimum wage for federal contract workers to $15 an hour, according to senior administration officials. The order will go into effect Jan. 30 of next year, according to a fact sheet provided by the administration. Once in place through new and extended […]

Activists call for minimum wage increase and paid sick leave amid pandemic

BY: - April 23, 2021

Aqeela Muntaqim knows that times are tough for many Michiganders — and the COVID-19 pandemic have only made matters worse. “I’m a mother and I have to sacrifice paying for bills, paying for food and being able to care for my children,” the deputy director of Mothering Justice, a Michigan-based nonprofit advocacy group, said Thursday […]

Lawrence: Minimum wage for tipped workers is ‘an insult’

BY: - April 21, 2021

WASHINGTON — As the nation’s largest trade group for restaurant owners on Tuesday held a virtual version of its annual gathering to lobby Congress, advocates for a $15-per-hour minimum wage took aim at the powerful restaurant chains that they say are blocking legislation on a higher wage for tipped workers. During their own virtual event, lawmakers […]

Michigan delegation split 7-7 on $1.9T COVID relief bill vote

BY: and - February 27, 2021

WASHINGTON — The U.S. House on a nearly party-line vote passed President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion pandemic aid package early Saturday, in a rush to both boost COVID-19 vaccine funding and get legislation to the president’s desk before unemployment benefits expire in mid-March. The package, dubbed the American Rescue Plan, passed 219-212. It includes a gradual […]

Proposed $15-an-hour minimum wage would boost paychecks

BY: - February 16, 2021

WASHINGTON — A gradual increase in the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour would increase the pay of low-income workers across the United States but particularly in much of the South, researchers and experts predict. Florida recently voted to increase its minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2026, but the Sunshine State is […]

Outlook for $15/hour minimum wage boosted by new govt. report

BY: - February 8, 2021

WASHINGTON — The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office in a report Monday found a gradual increase to a $15 federal minimum wage by 2025 would reduce poverty, add $54 billion to the deficit over a decade and increase pay for millions of low-income workers. The report could help Democrats make a strong case for including a gradual […]

1.2M Michigan workers would see a raise under minimum wage bill

BY: - February 2, 2021

More than 25% of Michigan workers, including about one-third of women working in the state, would earn thousands of more dollars each year should Congress pass the recently introduced “Raise the Wage Act of 2021,” according to a new report from a Washington, D.C., think tank. The Raise the Wage Act of 2021, introduced by […]

More bad COVID-19 news: Michigan unlikely to see a minimum wage hike

BY: - December 15, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is set to hit workers in another way, as a scheduled minimum wage hike is unlikely to go into effect on Jan. 1. The rate was supposed to rise from $9.65 per hour to $9.87, but that’s unlikely to happen, the Michigan Bureau of Employment Relations, Wage and Hour Division said last week. […]

Kamala Harris in Detroit: ‘Poverty is trauma-inducing’ for kids

BY: - September 22, 2020

Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris visited Flint and Detroit on Tuesday in hopes of building enthusiasm with Black voters days before early voting begins in Michigan. “I am here to speak with you because you possess an ability to make a decision in this election that could impact hundreds of millions of people in […]