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Column: Republicans are the clowns in the debt ceiling circus. The act isn’t funny anymore.

BY: - September 30, 2021

It’s way past political cliche, but that old “Popeye” comic strip where J. Wellington Wimpy promises to pay a short-order cook tomorrow for a hamburger he plans to eat today, is still the best way to describe Republican intransigence this week over a vote to extend the nation’s debt ceiling that’s soared past cartoonish farce. In […]


Column: Mr. Justice Breyer, thank you for your service. Now please retire.

BY: - August 26, 2021

People wonder how Republicans captured the U.S. Supreme Court, which now has a 6-3 conservative majority among the justices. Those six conservative justices were all nominated by Republican presidents. Mostly, Republicans accomplished this long-sought goal simply by taking the high court seriously. Even though terms like conservative and liberal shift somewhat over time, conservative in […]

White House aims sales pitch for infrastructure plan at the states

BY: - April 14, 2021

WASHINGTON — Pennsylvania’s 7,540 miles of highway roads in poor condition. Florida’s $100 billion in damages over the last decade from extreme weather events. The one in four Idahoans with no access to broadband internet, and one in two living in areas with too-few licensed child care centers. In the next phase of President Joe Biden’s […]

Key Republicans in Congress back baseless Trump claims of a stolen election

BY: and - November 11, 2020

WASHINGTON — Some key Republicans in Congress are agreeing with President Donald Trump’s baseless claims that the election was stolen from him, and backing legal challenges to voting results in states won by President-elect Joe Biden. “For the integrity of the electoral process, and the system that we have chosen to effectuate our democracy, we […]

Levin says McConnell’s priorities are ‘completely ass-backwards’ on COVID-19 and SCOTUS 

BY: - October 26, 2020

As America speeds toward the Nov. 3 election, millions of parents and kids across the country are waiting on a split Congress to nail down another round of coronavirus relief funding for everything from schools to food and nutrition assistance programs. “Every single agency nonprofit I’ve talked to that deals with hunger issues says that […]

2 more senators side with GOP leaders’ push for Supreme Court vote

BY: and - September 22, 2020

WASHINGTON — Two key Republican U.S. senators indicated Monday they won’t stand in the way of a furious effort by the Senate GOP to confirm a nominee to fill a Supreme Court vacancy before Inauguration Day. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died Friday and said that her last wish was not to be replaced until a […]

Dozens attend candlelight vigil for Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Lansing

BY: - September 20, 2020

Dozens of Michiganders gathered at the Hall of Justice in Lansing on Saturday night to hold a candlelight vigil honoring the life and legacy of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ginsburg, the second ever woman to serve on the Supreme Court, died Friday afternoon at age 87 from complications from metastatic cancer of the […]


Susan J. Demas: RBG is gone. This is why we fight.

BY: - September 19, 2020

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, best known as a steely champion of women’s equality, gave voice to the voiceless. And as a legendary Supreme Court justice, she was committed to ensuring their rightful place in America until the day she died. We have lost so much as a country during these last four years of Donald Trump’s […]

‘We’re not through this’: Governors plead with Congress for emergency assistance

BY: - September 11, 2020

WASHINGTON — Democratic governors on Thursday begged Congress to come to the aid of ailing states, which face unexpected expenses as they attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19, as well as massive revenue shortfalls due to the pandemic. But Republicans at a U.S. House hearing rejected their pleas, arguing that states have yet to […]

Senate GOP emergency relief plan leaves out direct aid to states

BY: - September 9, 2020

WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans unveiled their latest coronavirus relief proposal Tuesday but were met with swift objections from Democrats. The GOP plan failed to include direct aid to cities and states, a priority for Democrats, or rental relief or nutrition assistance, and it appeared it wouldn’t go far enough to resolve a months-long stalemate over […]

Why D.C. lawmakers are voting remotely during the pandemic

BY: - September 4, 2020

WASHINGTON — U.S. House Republicans have a new line of attack against some Democrats — charging they are failing to show up for work. The criticism refers to 2020’s practice of proxy voting in the House, which enables lawmakers of either party to cast votes even when they are not at the Capitol. The emergency […]

Voting rights legislation named for John Lewis stalled in Congress

BY: - September 1, 2020

Democrats ranging from presidential nominee Joe Biden to party officials in Georgia are pushing for Congress to restore a key element of the Voting Rights Act as a way to honor civil rights icon John Lewis. The late Georgia congressman was a leader in getting Congress to pass the landmark law in 1965. But so […]